Top 3 Places To Buy The Omega VRT350HD Juicer

There are quite a few places where you can purchase the Omega Vert VRT350 HD juicer, and we have narrawed it down to the top 3 places based on price, shipping, sales tax, customer service and ease of check out.

Out Of Stock Alert:

If you see the juicer sold out, Amazon allows you to put in your order WITHOUT charging your credit card.  You won’t be charged until the item is shipped.  First come first serve!

Editor’s Choice!  Consistently has the best price, fastest free shipping (both ways), no Tax in most States, and best customer service.  Easy and secure check out.  365 day Return Period, and 24/7 Live customer service.  Highly Recommended!  [Click to See Price]

2nd Place.  Has the cheapest price.  Shipping is free, but not return shipping.  No Tax in most States.  Customer service is good, but not Zappos good.  Most selections, and used products available.  Also Highly Recommended! [Click to See Price]


3rd Place.  Competitive price.  Shipping is free under certain conditions.  Tax is charged which can add $20 to $40 (estimate) to total.  Customer service is just below [Click to See Price]