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The Omega VRT350HD Review will make your life easier!

Okay, maybe not everything in your life, but it will make juicing, which is the easiest way to a healthier body, much faster and painless.

Interested yet? I bet you are! :) Keep reading, you wouldn’t want to miss this Omega VRT 350 HD Review. I’m going to make sure you have all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

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This is a very detailed review, and by the time you are done reading, you’ll have all you need to make a well informed decision.

Remember, we are not talking about buying a cheap pack of socks, it is worth the time to go over everything the Omega Vrt 350HD has to offer here. You won’t regret it.:)

Juicing Video Demo:

There are two major types of juices on the market. One is the centrifugal juicers, and the other is the masticating style juicers.

The debate has been going on between the two. One is super fast, but isn’t so great with leafy green and wheat grass, the other is super slow, but is great with leafy greens and wheat grass, but not so great with soft fruits. One produces juice very fast, the other produces very high quality juice, but takes a while.

In the past, people had to choose between the two, or they had to spend money on buying two juicers to get the benefits of both, because each juicer has its advantages and limitations.

Pros and Cons of traditional centrifugal and masticating juicers:

Centrifugal Juicer Pros:

Very Fast Juicing: It uses a cutting blade that spins at speeds of 3500 to 13500 RPM to shred the produce into tiny pieces and separate the juice with a fine screen. You can make a liter of juice in about one minute.

Less Pre Cutting: Most newer centrifugal juicers have wide feed tube, which means you don’t have to do as much cutting, that saves you time.

Centrifugal juicer Cons:

Can’t juice wheat grass: Do not put wheat grass into a centrifugal juicer. It is not designed for that. You won’t get any wheatgrass juice out of it, and you risk burning the motor.

Not ideal for leafy greens: While it does a decent job of juicing leafy greens, centrifugal juicers are designed for dense fruits and vegetables.

Juice Quality: With the cutting blade spinning at upwards of 13,500 RPM, it creates heat and oxidation. Two of the worse enemy of fresh juice.

Labor Intensive: The fruits and vegetables need to be pushed down with a food pusher!

Masticating juicer Pros:

High Quality Juice: Since the auger spins at only 80 RMP, there is no heat generation and oxidation is at a minimal. Also, it produces a finer tasting juice with much less foam. You can definitely tell the difference

Perfect for Wheatgrass: We all know wheat grass is one of the best greens to juice, and masticating juicers are made for that. It grinds and presses the fiber of the wheat grass and squeezes out every last bit of juice.

Perfect for Leafy Greens: Just like wheat grass, leafy greens contain the most powerful nutrients and live enzymes you can feed your body. A masticating juicer is designed to break down the fiber in the greens and produce more juice than centrifugal juicers.

Masticating Juicer Cons:

Speed: It is slow. The feed tube is tiny, so you have to cut everything into tiny pieces. And can only feed one piece at a time

Labor: Since the feed tube is small, you have to use a plunger to push it down to the auger every time. Which is not ideal for people with injury or joint pain.

Soft Fruits: You’ll most likely end up making something that has a consistency of baby food when you try to juice soft fruits.

What makes this juicer so special?

Yep, you guessed it, the revolutionary vertical design takes the best features of centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers and put it all into one amazing juicer.

Now you don’t have to worry about whether your juicer can juice certain vegetables or fruits. Now you don’t have to sacrifice green leafy vegetables, or delicious soft fruits just because your juicer isn’t designed for it. Now you can juice just about everything fast and easy.

fruits and veggiesMore Variety: Because of it’s vertical design. It has no problem juicing soft fruits (can’t say that for traditional masticating juicers). This is especially important for someone who’s juicing for beginners and/or children.

Green juices are great for you, but they are not great tasting to most people. Adding fruits is a great way to introduce juicing to people with a sweet tooth.

And because the VRT350HD is a single auger masticating juicer, it is PERFECT for juicing leafy greens (centrifugal juicers are not designed to juice leafy greens).

You’ll get the most juice out of tough greens like kale, Swiss chard, collard greens…etc.

Best Quality Juice: Centrifugal juicers spins the cutting blade at tens of thousands of RPM. That leads to heat generation, and more oxidation.

What is oxidation? When you cut open an apple, and leave it out for a couple of minutes, it starts to turn brown…that’s the apple reacting to oxygen..aka oxidation.

That leads to lower quality juice and more nutrient loss. This model, on the other hand, spins the auger at only 80 RPM. It uses the auger to crush and press out the juice.

It doesn’t generate heat, and much less oxidation. It produces the highest quality juice that retains the most beneficial enzymes and nutrition.

More Juice: While other juicers use either the filter screen or the auger, this Omega juicer uses both technology to get the most juice possible.

First it uses the auger to crush and press the vegetables, and then it uses the screen to squeeze out even more juice. This dual stage juicing helps you get the most money out of your trips to the grocery store because nothing is wasted.

Fast Juicing Time: Traditional masticating juicers take a long time to juice because:

1.) You have to cut everything into tiny pieces because of small feed tube.

2.) You have to use the food pusher to push the fruits or vegetables into the juicing chamber.

3.) You have to prepare everything before hand, because you can’t leave the juicer unattended.

The VRT350HD Juicer on the other hand:

1.) Has a larger feed tube, which means less cutting.

2.) It is self feeding. You just drop the fruits or vegetables into the juicers, and it does all the work.

3.) Because the VRT350HD is self feeding, that means, you can cut the veggies WHILE you juice, and by the time you are done cutting, you are also done juicing, that will save you A LOT of time!

Self Cleaning: What? I know you are thinking: This is too good to be true…a self cleaning juicer? Well, somehow the engineers at Omega figured out a way to clean the screen while its juicing to save you some elbow grease.

The filter screen is the hardest part in the juicer to clean, because it has to be done manually, while other parts are dish washer safe. It has brushes that clean the screen while it’s juicing, that means, most of the chore is done for you.

All you have to do is brush off whatever the juicer didn’t clean…which saves you tons of time and headache.

ten year warranty10 Times Longer Warranty: That’s correct, 10 times longer warranty. While most centrifugal juicers give you a measly 1 year warranty, the Omega comes with a 10 year warranty.

While other similar style juicers offer what seems like the same 10 year warranty, in the fine prints, you’ll find that only their motor is under the 10 year warranty, all the other parts has only 1 year.

EVERYTHING on the VRT350HD is covered for 10 years. There is no deceptive marketing scheme here. It is extremely important that a company provide a long warranty because most good quality juicers aren’t cheap, and you want your investment to last a long time.

Pulp or No Pulp: Omega has thought of everything when they built the VRT350HD. They realize that people’s tastes are different. While some like it with no pulp, some people actually prefer some pulp in their juice (me included).

That is why it comes with 2 different size screens. One screen with smaller filter for pulp free juice, and one screen with larger filter that allows some pulp. You get to choose which type of juice you want. No other juicer does that.

How much does it Cost?

omega vrt350hd couponThe retail price for the VRT350HD Juicer is $430, but luckily for you, I’ve looked all over the internet and compiled a list of Top 3 Best Places To Buy.

First Place Winner:  Combined with best price, best free shipping, no sales tax in most States, excellent customer service, secure shopping and easy check out; this is the overall winner! [Click Here To See Sale Price]

Second Place:  Competitive pricing.  Shipping is free both ways.  Same sales tax advantage as  Customer service is great, but Amazon usually has better pricing.

Third Place:  Macy’  Competitive pricing.  Shipping is free with restrictions.  High level of customer service, but charges sales tax, which adds an additional $20 to $40 (estimate) to your total.

We have taken into consideration the cost of the juicer, the shipping charges (if there is any), and sales tax charged (if there is any).

Why pay more when you can pay less?  Price comparison is the best way to ensure you get the cheapest deal.

Just an FYI, this model is one of the more popular juicers, and it’s been known to be out of stock often. If you see it in stock and on sale, you don’t want to wait too long to click the “Add To Cart” button.

Let’s Look At It In More Detail!

The Powerful Motor: It has a powerful 2 horsepower motor. That translates to about 1500 watts. It is one of the most powerful motor on the market.

Stronger motor means it will last a long time, which is backed up by a 10 year warranty! Powerful motor also means it can juice the toughest fruits and vegetables. You can juice just about everything under the sun.

Extra Hard Auger: It uses GE’s ULTEM material…it’s scientific talk for super strong! How strong? How about 8 times stronger than augers in other single auger juicers! You won’t have to worry about replacing it for a LONG time to come.

Automatic Wiping System (AWS): Cleaning is no fun. And the filter screen in juicers is the hardest part to clean. That’s why it has the world’s FIRST auto wiping system.

It uses a silicon brush to clean the screen while it’s juicing. The screen stays clean, means more juice and less time cleaning. Who doesn’t love that? :)

Low Speed Technology System: This patented technology in this juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice out of minimal amount of fruits and vegetables.

Combine that with the Dual Staging juicing process, it means you’ll get more juice, more nutrients and less waste.

Less Counter Space: Because of its vertical design, it takes up much less room than traditional single auger juicers. It is perfect for small apartments, and people who plan on juicing multiple times a day. It’s easy to store, or if you so choose, leave it out on the counter.

Less Noise:  Some people have compared the noise coming from centrifugal juicers to a tornado, or a jet engine.  Obviously, that’s a bit of exaggeration, but they are not far off.  Centrifugal juicers can be extremely loud, and that is not suitable in the morning when you have roommates or children still in bed.

This is a very quiet juicer.  You can have a normal conversation while you use the machine.  It won’t wake the whole house up.

What Are Other People Saying About This Juicer?

5 StarsWow! I’m in LOVE!!, October 22, 2010 By C. Conkey “schnoodle”

First and foremost, because its a vertical cylinder that masticates, I just drop in the fruit, say a carrot, and it grinds it right up…That alone is worth the price of admission. Just drop em in and watch em go. LOVE IT!!

5 StarsBest juicer we’ve ever owned!, January 18, 2011 By rawgeek

The design of this vertical, single-auger juicer is superb…It does a fine job of juicing wheat grass, yet can also handle an over-ripe pineapple, which is what burned out our Breville last month.

5 StarsQuiet, efficient, a joy, December 1, 2010 By Dennis Baeyen

I’ve found the perfect juicer…It produces colorful juice and very dry extracted pulp. It can handle all fruits and vegetables, even wheatgrass which I’ve begun growing and juicing. It’s simple to clean, with no sharp parts. And reassemlbes in a snap.

5 StarsSimply a fantastic juicer!, February 24, 2012 By Kyle J. Bullock “Face”

this machine is one of the best on the market…it does an excellent job with leafy greens as well as soft fruits and hard veggies. The quality of the juice is remarkable.

Omega VRT350HD Price Check

Are There Any Complaints?

You will be hard pressed to find any major complaints. It’s been receiving incredible reviews all over the internet.

However, while doing my research, I did come across one thing I feel is worth mentioning.

A few customers have complained about VRT350HD clogging. However, after digging a little more into the problem, I found out that it happens in very rare instances, and most likely caused by user error.

Most of the clogging happens when people try to over stuff the juicer. Unlike other style of juicers, you don’t need to over stuff the feed tube and push it down with a food pusher. Just drop in the pieces of fruits or vegetables, and let the machine do the work.

Also, seems like the clogging problem is caused by very stringy vegetables, like celery and the stems of leafy greens like kale. There is also a very simple fix for this.

When juicing celery and leafy greens with stringy stems, just cut them up into about one inch pieces. Cutting them up breaks up the long strings of fiber that is the primary cause of clogging.

These simple solutions should solve the clogging problems in no time.

Who should get the Omega VRT350HD Juicer?
One of the best quality about this juicer is it’s versatility. It can cater to everyone’s different juicing needs.

  • Want to juice mostly soft fruits, no problem!
  • Want to juice mostly leafy greens, done!
  • Want to juice wheat grass, bring it on!

This juicer is perfect for one person who only has a few simple needs, to a big family with different members wanting different things. This is for people who wants a juicer that is very efficient, and very easy to clean. Not only will that save you time and energy, but it will keep you motivated to juice more often.

It’s Perfect For:

  • People who want to juice soft fruits, leafy vegetables and wheat grass without spending money on 2 different juicers.
  • People who want the highest quality juice that retains the most nutrient.
  • People who want a juicer that’s easy to clean, and is a joy to use.
  • People who want a juicer with a incredible 10 year warranty.


There is a reason why this is one of the most talked about and popular juicer on the market right now. The engineering that went behind this juicer makes it the most versatile and efficient juicer available.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned juicer, it will fulfill all your needs. The Omega VRT350HD Juicer takes all the guess work out of juicing. It make juicing easy and fun! You will have no excuse not to juice and you’ll never run out of juice recipes to try. What are you waiting for? :)

Get The Best Price:

priceNo need to spend hours and hours trying to look for the best price.  I have done all the hard work for you.  I’ve compared the price of this juicer with dozens and dozens of stores and checked for free shipping, and found Amazon to be the top place.  They have the best deal, free shipping, and no tax in most States.

Omega VRT350HD Best Deal Link

Words of advise, if you see it in stock and on sale, I would add it to the shopping cart as soon as possible, as it’s been known to sell out.

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